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Who is GSI?

GSI has designed and operated glycol reclamation facilities since 1991.  GSI helped create one of  the world's first successful deicing fluid reclamation facility.  Located at the Denver International Airport, the technology used at this advanced facility has now been applied to antifreeze recycling and reclaiming units available from GSI. If you are in need of traditional recycling or dumpster rental services in Ohio and specifically Columbus OH dumpster rentals Jux2 Dumpsters provides excellent service.

GSI Antifreeze Recycling Systems

Glycol Specialists, Inc. has developed a new line of equipment based on it’s new patented processing technique, Dilutive Distillation, for the processing of heat sensitive materials. This method works well when used for reclaiming glycols (used antifreeze, glycols used for gas dehydration), amine solutions, or other non-water based materials that can be stripped from a solution contaminated with higher boiling compounds. The resulting recovery of the target compound is much higher than with conventional vacuum distillation where temperature is a limiting factor in the distillation process.

This equipment is designed to be used as a fixed plant to recycle used antifreeze, or as a side stream reclaimer for tri-ethylene glycol dehydrators and amine based fluids used in the sweetening of natural gas. The units are skid mounted, self-contained, with pumps, air cooled condensers, and vacuum systems incorporated in a compact, easy to operate unit. Options are available for heating to be by natural gas, propane, heating oil, waste oil, and electric resistance heating. Condensing can be with air or water.

Some of the first applications of this equipment are being designed to be portable, for use in reclaiming and cleaning tri-ethylene glycol dehydration units in the field. These field units will clean the dehydration unit in place and on stream in an eight to ten hour period, using filtering and specially formulated solvent and detergents to clean the trays in the contactor, still column, the fire tube in the regenerator, as well as distilling the glycol, resulting in a clean system and a non-contaminated glycol solution. Because of the lower regeneration temperature, most of the degraded glycols and the glycolic acids, and other salts and oxides are removed in the reclaimer.

You can recycle antifreeze for high profit!
(See the Profit Calculator for the numbers)

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